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Dr. Mark E. Strong says, The church is uniquely positioned to minister to the fatherless, both within its own community and in society at large. Strong shows how we can make our churches places of refuge for our nation's fatherless. Churches can reveal a true picture of God as loving Father through mentoring both children and dads, meeting the practical needs of children, and much more. By embedding key values into your congregational culture, your church can become a church for the fatherless.  Are you ready to make a difference?  (Click book cover to order)
 Using her decades of experience in counseling young women and coaching fathers, Dr. Michelle Watson has created a step-by-step template for having conversations that build a stronger bond through laughter,vulnerability, and honesty. Let's Talk is filled with dozens of scripted questions that walk fathers through the levels of creating a heart-to-heart connection with their daughters by communicating the right way. Through this easy-to-read guide, dads will learn how to listen and build trust as they move from get-to-know-you chats to deep discussions that dive into their daughters' struggles, hurts, and hopes.  (Click cover to order)
Dr. Lasondra Barnes says, Rejected to Accepted is a book for people who have longed for a loving and healthy romantic relationship but have not been able to encounter the “happy ever after” they have desired. Afterexperiencing domestic violence, a series of failed and unhealthy relationships, the author was left wondering,would anyone ever love her? Rejected to Accepted explores the personal struggles and triumphs she has faced while embarking on her journey of self-discovery. (Click book cover to order)
This update of the best-selling book by Dr. Ken Canfield (over 100,000 copies sold) draws on years of research and experience to provide practical tools to help fathers strengthen relationships with their children and be the best fathers they can be.
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  The Secret of Lasting Forgiveness isn't just another book about forgiveness; with pastoral sensitivity, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson leads readers through an interactive process of forgiveness that is simple, profound, and life-changing.  (Click book cover to order)
 From his personal experience, John Sowers President of The Mentoring Project, shows how we can offer the fatherless hope. Speaking from his own fatherlessness and training and leading thousands to "win by showing up" in the lives of fatherless youth. He believes the fatherless story can be rewritten, as we show up in the lives of the fatherless just as Christ showed up in our lives at the Incarnation.  (Click book cover to order)