father training day poter

Saturday, June 8th, 2019 @ 9 AM-3 PM

Take one day to invest in your fatherhood. Being a father is a privilege and a high calling. With being a dad comes unique joys, and challenges.  It's not easy, and to get better at anything takes a little time and training.  Join with men from around our city for an impactful conversation on fatherhood. A  conversation that will changes us, and help  us all with our formation as Dads. We've assembled a great team of speakers, interactive times and workshops to get maximum impact out of our time together. I hope you will come and brings some guys you with. Blessings -- Mark Strong


Cost:  $25 per person (Includes lunch)

Where: Life Change Church 

3635 N Williams Ave. * Portland, OR 97227


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