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What is Father-Shift…?

Father-Shift is a conference designed to help the local church have a life-changing encounter with Father God. This is a great need, in a generation where the view of the Father is skewed, and millions of earthly fathers are careless and absent. The Father-Shift conference will bring a fresh revelation of our Heavenly Father, that will bring deep healing and freedom to individuals in our congregations who are suffering from painful father wounds. Not only that, others will be encouraged to engage in a more intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father. Men will be equipped to become better fathers to their children and be empowered to bless their church and their city.

Why Father-Shift...?

Two reasons. One, fatherlessness is a serious problem in our nation and the world. There are multiple thousands of people inside our churches who have either, been abandoned, abused, or neglected by their father. The statistics tell us that 23.6% of all children (17.4 million) live in father absent homes. In addition, the US has reached an all-time high of children being born to single parents. Sadly, these facts do not include the massive number of adults who have had to live their lives without a father’s love. The wound caused by an absent, or careless father is deep and very painful. Many people in our congregations, sit Sunday after Sunday, suffering silently, desperately yearning for a father’s love that will heal the pain. Two, many have an incorrect view of God the Father due to their own personal experiences, and the negative cultural commentary on God the Father, and misinformation about who he genuinely is!

The good news is, our Heavenly Father is longing to reveal Himself and pour out his amazing love into every broken and hurting heart. The Father-Shift Conference is a time and place where wounded hearts and the entire congregation can experience the presence and power of the FATHER who heals, delivers and restores! The conference is a catalyst to empower men to be better fathers and break the satanic fatherless cycle for generations to come.